Me? Meet with a Personal Shopper? You bet!

Today I did something I never thought I would do. I met with a personal shopper at J Crew. Now, working with a personal shopper is not typically my thing. It all seemed a bit too hoity-toity for me. Plus, I’d like to think that I have enough personal style not to need anyone’s assistance. The lure of 20 percent off all my purchases was too much for me to resist – especially since I already had a list of fall items I was planning to buy anyway.

I hesitate to admit this out loud, but the entire experience was FANTASTIC! In fact, it was one of the most relaxing and pampering experience I have had in a very long time. Lauren Mueller, the Personal Shopper at the J Crew in the Domain, made it all so easy. Lauren and I talked a little on the phone a few days before my appointment to discuss sizes, style, and what I might need for fall. She was charming and easy to talk with and by the time we hung up, I was excited to see what she would pick out for me.

The day of my appointment, I dropped my daughter off at preschool and practically skipped over to the Domain. I arrived a few minutes early to pre-shop and was quickly reminded of the pure joy of shopping alone. I strolled through the store looking at any and every garment that caught my eye, not worrrying about where my children were or what their grubby little hands were touching. When Lauren arrived, she handed me a most delicious iced green tea from the Steeping Room and at that moment, I knew we would be friends (if only for our hour long appointment).

Lauren and I spent our time together efficiently building my fall wardrobe. She made great suggestions, was not pushy or aggressive and helped me make smart, yet fashionable decisions. I walked away only spending what I was comfortable with and had a bag full of pieces that I loved.

If you have a J Crew card, consultation with a personal shopper is absolutely free. It might sounds slightly pretentious and crazy, but its actually a lot of fun and well worth it.  In fact, having someone help you shop is down right pampering. Its like going to the spa – except you put clothes on rather than take them off. I can’t wait until I can do it again. To make an appointment with Lauren, call 512-873-8658 or send her an email at

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  1. Arcy says:

    So…did Lauren initially select some of the items you had your eye on already?

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